How to install Tioga ?

How can we install this wonderful piece of software that is Tioga ?? You first should make sure you have ruby, with a fairly recent version (at least 1.8.2, I am told) and pdftex (after 1.11).

You should also make sure you have the zlib library and especially the development packages (for instance, on debian, you’ll need for instance the zlib1g-dev).

Afterwards, you grab the newest archive on the rubyforge dowloads page and here you go. In what’s following, I’ll suppose you downloaded the tioga-1.5.tar.gz file. Run the following commands; first, extract the archive:

tar xvzf tioga-1.5.tar.gz
cd tioga-1.5

Then, depending on whether you have administrator privileges, you can try either (with administrator privileges)


or, if you don’t have administrator privileges, or don’t want to use them, you can install tioga to your home directory with the following:


One thing: in the latter case, you need to make sure to add in your shell configuration file (.bashrc, for instance) the following line, so that Ruby can find Tioga:

export RUBYLIB=$HOME/lib/ruby:$RUBYLIB

Moreover, you’ll need to make sure that $HOME/bin is in your path if you want to use the tioga executable.

Both these methods run tests of tioga, and an output in the spirit of

This is the test suite for Tioga 1.5
Loaded suite ts_Tioga
compressed from 0 to 8
compressed from 13 to 21
compressed from 70 to 69
compressed from 3631 to 1642
>>> NOTE: please look at tests/Icon_Test.pdf and compare it to samples/Icon.pdf
Finished in 1.59933 seconds.

80 tests, 726 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors

is a good sign that everything happened fine.

Alternatively, for rubygem users, you simply can use the following:

gem install tioga

Finally, please note that there is a debian package, so debian users can install tioga with

apt-get install tioga