Frequently asked questions

You might find the answer to the problems you’re encountering while installing or using Tioga in this page. If that is not the case, we advise you post on the forums.

Available entries

Segmentation faults…

On some architectures/distributions, you might get segmentation faults while installing/testing tioga (via the QUICK_INSTALL or HOME_INSTALL scripts), such as

Loaded suite tc_Dtable
....tc_Dtable.rb:167: [BUG] Segmentation fault
ruby 1.8.5 (2006-12-25) [i686-linux]

Abort (core dumped)

Switching to the latest version of Tioga (at least 1.5) should fix most of the problems. However, if that persists, try compiling with a more recent version of the compiler. Some compilers (like old gcc on gentoo) have been proven to create broken code on some functions of Tioga.

Compile-time relocations errors

If you get error in the like of the following when compiling/installing Tioga

ld: Dtable/dtable.o: @gprel relocation against dynamic symbol Dvector_Create
ld: Dtable/dtable.o: @gprel relocation against dynamic symbol Dvector_Create
ld: Dtable/dtable.o: @gprel relocation against dynamic symbol Dvector_Data_Replace

It is likely that the rbconfig.rb file of your Ruby installation is broken in a way that it somehow cannot fully support shared libraries. Editing it by hand to include a -fPIC for the CFLAGS configuration variable might improve the situation:


Important note: you must run

make clean

before running ./QUICK_INSTALL or ./HOME_INSTALL for changes to rbconfig.rb to take effect !

What is this ieee754.h stuff ?

On many architectures, you’ll come across this message when you compile Tioga:

checking for ieee754.h... no
You lack the ieee754.h header file, which might mean lower reliability 
when Marshalling Dvectors and Dtables

You can safely ignore that, unless you want to use Marshal with Dvectors and you want that the resulting files are portable across different architectures.

If that is the case, however, you’re welcome to help us find a solution.

command not found: pdflatex

If Tioga builds fine, but while testing you get the following error:

command not found: pdflatex -interaction nonstopmode Icon_Test.tex

It is a good indication that your system does not have pdfLaTeX installed.

apt-get install texlive

EPS output

If you need an EPS file rather than the PDF output of Tioga, you can use the following command-line:

pdftops -eps -paper match out.pdf out.eps

pdftops is a neat tool coming from the xpdf suite.