module Tioga::Tutorial::Plots

The extras for making plots

As usual, I'll be assuming you've been working your way through the sections of the tutorial in order, so by the time you get here, you're familiar with the basic structure of a tioga document and the fundamentals of making figures with FigureMaker. This section builds on that knowledge to add the tools needed for making figures that are plots. We'll use “plots.rb” as a source of examples.

You'll find “plots.rb” file in the “samples/plots” folder. Make a portfolio by entering

tioga plots -p

Take a look to see what's there.

As you can see, the examples range from the simple (“Blues”) to the complex (“Contours”). Along the way, they illustrate ways of combining plots (“Side_by_Side”, “Two_Ys”, “Rows”, “Columns”, etc.), and provide samples of various techniques for adding information to plots (“Legend_Inside”, “Legend_Outside”, “Labels”, “Error_Bars”, “Arrows”, and “Special_Y”). Finally, there are several cases where tioga includes tools for creating things to be shown in the plots (“Sampled_Splines”, “Steps”, “Splines”, and “Sampled_Data”).

We'll go through some of the cases in some detail, and then let you pick and choose from the rest. Rather than attempting to wade through it all now, you might prefer to skim quickly to see what's there, and come back later if you want to look at a particular piece of sample code for ideas.